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Primary Academy

Academy Development Priorities

At Corby Primary Academy, we pride ourselves on being fully inclusive and dedicated to the children in our care. Our wonderfully diverse community is made up of children (and by extension, their families) with a variety of needs and backgrounds. We are continuously working hard to provide all of our children with the best possible education and school experience to enable them to become well-rounded adults with all the tools that they need to succeed.

As an academy, we constantly evaluate what is going well and how we can improve to provide the best experience for your child. We identify areas for improvement through our own internal monitoring and evaluation structures (including our staff survey), through the Greenwood Academies Trust assurance activities and through regular parent and pupil surveys. This information is then used to inform our academy development plan each year.  Every academy or school has a development plan which sets out ways in which the school aims to move forward.  

We wholeheartedly believe that, as a parent/ carer and a valued member of our school community, you should be made aware of all the developments that are happening in school to improve the quality of education your child receives. 

This is the first time that we have shared this type of document with you, and this marks the beginning of my mission to engage more regularly with parents and keep you updated on further academy developments. Understandably, every school has areas that they are working hard to develop. It is the responsibility of the leaders to identify these areas and then put measures in place to improve them. Some are quick fixes and others take longer. It is part of the way education evolves.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Mrs Chrissie Barrington

Executive Principal