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Primary Academy

Art & Design

Curriculum Intent:

Throughout their time at Corby Primary Academy, the children will be inspired to explore an arts programme that extends beyond the National Curriculum. The children will be able to develop and think innovatively to develop their creative understanding. The children will be exposed to a range of artists and will develop their knowledge, vocabulary and artistic terminology.


Nurture: At Corby Primary Academy the children have access to art both within a classroom and in our dedicated art space. The children will be given the opportunity to express themselves both independently and collaboratively. The children will feel empowered to be creative, make their own choices and follow their own lead. This will follow up with the opportunity to reflect and evaluate on their work.  The children can experiment in a safe environment where there are no right or wrong results, therefore, focusing on self-expression and self-esteem may be increased.


Curiosity: During their time at Corby Primary Academy the children will be able to develop their creative imagination through a skills based art curriculum. This will allow the children to express their creativity and imagination. They will also be provided with the opportunity to develop and master key skills in art; drawing, textiles, printing, sculpture and painting. The children will have the opportunity to explore a range of materials and media throughout their time at the academy. This art work will be supported through the study of key artists. The children will develop their knowledge of these artists and their work.


Diversity: The art curriculum will develop the children's understanding of cultural heritages. They will be exposed to a diverse range of artists, craft makers and designers from different cultures, countries and backgrounds.


Ambition: Through the opportunity to explore a diverse range of artists, the children will develop a sense of high expectation and will challenge themselves. The children will be encouraged to share and take ownership of their work. They will be given the time to reflect and share in their process, thinking about the changes they can make to develop their mastery or Art and Design techniques.