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Primary Academy

Design & Technology

Curriculum Intent:


Nurture: Through Design and Technology, children are nurtured by being given the opportunities to explore, develop and refine their ideas. They will learn resilience through having opportunities to work as group, consider others' viewpoints and collaborate ideas when designing. Children will learn to select the appropriate tools and resources to fit a purpose.


Curiosity (and play): Curiosity is a key part in children being successful designers. Their exploration of a range  of media and materials allows them to build upon their creativity and imagination. By being inquisitive learners, they will be able to explore their thoughts and ideas in depth to help them discover how things work and apply this knowledge to develop their own plans.


Diversity: Using the history of technology, researching a diverse range of significant individuals and valuing others' viewpoints will allow children to better understand how things are made to fit a purpose. 


Ambition: Children are encouraged to be ambitious in their DT designs and then to use the evaluation process to support them in how to make it better next time. This will enable them to participate successfully in an increasingly technological world.