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Primary Academy


Music Curriculum Intent:

Our vision for music is for it to be creative, varied and include key knowledge and terminology.  The children should have opportunities to both listen to and create music in a range of ways, using different instruments and experience composition, performance, solo and group opportunities.

Nurture: Our music curriculum promotes a growth mindset and encourages children to have a go.  Music is a good media for experimentation and trying new things, which is encouraged and taught throughout.  Teamwork is encouraged in creating group compositions and performing together, where it is essential to listen to one another.  Pupils are taught that everyone's musical tastes vary and this is okay as well as having opportunities to discover and share preferences, respecting other's opinions.

Curiosity: Children are encouraged to see instruments and think 'I wonder...'  They  explore different sounds our bodies can make including vocally and body percussion and are encouraged to try new ideas.  When listening to music children are encouraged to explore deeper, asking questions and considering if they like/ dislike the music and why. 

Diversity: Music has a very broad background and is part of almost every culture.  This is reflected when choosing composers and music to present to the children.  Cross-curricular links are encouraged such as looking at music from different festivals during RE or from specific time periods in history.  Composers are chosen to cover different ages, genders and ethnicities and period and modern music is explored.  Different careers in music are considered, especially into Key Stage 2, looking at 'behind the scenes' options as well as performing. 

Ambition: Music has a challenging vocabulary and notation and this is explored from a young age.  Correct terminology is introduced, with definitions and examples, and children are encouraged to use this.