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Primary Academy


Our Curriculum Vision

At our Academy, the curriculum is designed to support the National Curriculum, and the EYFS curriculum through a thematic approach that enables pupils to acquire knowledge and allows pupils to use and apply skills and develop links between subject areas. Pupils learn through relevant experiences and are able to make connections between all their learning and also still meet the individual requirements of different subjects as outlined in the National Curriculum/EYFS. We endeavour to foster a life-long love of learning, through adopting a highly practical, cross-curricular approach and knowledge rich approach that encourages pupils to be independent and responsible citizens and prepared for the next stages of their education.

Curriculum Intent


To build a curriculum which nurtures children's learning behaviours and develops their ability to seek knowledge, so they know more, remember more and understand more.

It is designed to grow the key skills of collaboration, independence, resilience and communication so that children know how they learn.


Curiosity (and play)

To build a curriculum that ensures children can be creative, inquisitive and are provided with the opportunity to be engaged and motivated about what they learn.

It is designed to allow children to link ideas, make connections and question the knowledge being shared.



To build a curriculum where children see themselves reflected within it and celebrates the diversity of the world around them.

It is designed to support children with treating each other fairly, understanding respect and ensuring there is an inclusive culture.



To build a curriculum which develops understanding and results in the acquisition of knowledge so that children develop an ambitious thirst for learning.

It is designed to ensure children can articulate what they have learnt, building upon and extending their knowledge, skills and understanding, in order for them to reach and exceed their potential.


We are currently in the process of refining our curriculum offer; the subject curriculum maps are being updated to reflect this.


We are a Values based school and each half-term the whole school has a focus which are taught in the classrooms and form a basis for whole school assemblies:

Autumn 1 – Responsibility

Autumn 2 – Respect

Spring 1 – Perseverance

Spring 2 – Courage

Summer 1 - Honesty 

Summer 2 - Positivity

Knowledge Organisers

Our knowledge organisers are designed to highlight the key knowledge and vocabulary that teachers will be covering over the course of a term. There are Knowledge Organisers for each year group. Parents can use these to support pupils at home with their learning.